Voice Journal: COVID Updates & Everything About Livor Mortis

Happy Human Greetings-

At this point I can't actively recall how long the nation (most of it??) has been on lockdown, and thinking about anything not The Simpsons for too long has become quite a mental workout.

I know this looks like John Carpenter in his horror anthology "Body Bags" but I can assure you that it's actually me explaining death facts to you.

That being said, I bring to you 36 minutes of me talking into my cell phone about COVID-19 in Oregon/the nation, some mild lecturing on media sensationalism, a brief introduction to Advanced Directives (see my previous post for the full deets), and all you've ever wanted to know about Livor Mortis and Post Mortem Stain!

Listen here

I hope will all my heart that all of you are getting by okay. I'm surviving in part because I've been able to bury myself (heh) in my work and academics, and because I have a really wonderful long distance partner who lets me vent my enormous amount of frustration regularly and still manages to proofread my blog and put together care packages for me. I received a lot of love from friends this weekend, and that made a big difference too (the lilacs seen in the cover photo were a wonderful gift).

Stay tuned, and slide into my DMs with all of your weird death questions!

Love and Temperance,



Oregon Covid -19 Statistics as of 4/26/2020

CDC Current Covid-19 Statistics

Thai Scientist Dies from Covid-19

Interesting Livor Mortis Information WARNING: GRAPHIC PICTURES

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