Voice Journal: Being a Mortician During the Pandemic

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Hello Dear Ones,

Times are really difficult and, boy, I am tired. My emotional energy is zapped. I'm still working on the March newsletter- once I finish up an artist interview and my blog about the wild word of wills it will be freshly served to your inboxes.

In the meantime, I'm experimenting with a new medium: voice journaling. I refuse to call this a podcast because it's literally me sitting at my desk talking into my phone and then uploading it to Google Drive...for now.

I want to document what it's like to work at a funeral home lately, during the COVID-19 pandemic. While it hasn't hit my state very hard, as of now there have been 3 deaths and less than 100 documented cases, I don't know what the future looks like on a personal and professional level.

Below is a link to my first ever, 13 minute experiment with this. It's silly, I laugh and say "uhm" a lot, but there it is. If things progress and get drastic, I'll be talking more about how that goes and how it affects me personally as well as what I observe in others. If things get real here, like they have in other places, there will be less laughter. I want to document this history and what it was like.

I hope that my entries stay largely uneventful, or as much as a funeral home can be uneventful at any rate. If nothing else, I may just start discussing what it is like to be a mortician period. It's generally not boring; I can promise you that much.

I would love if you shared a voice journal right back. I think creativity and self-expression are both really important right now, and this exercise was really cathartic.

If you want to share a recording, send it to morgan@ourownhands.us and we can talk about it after, if you want, or you can take comfort in sending a small snapshot of these times to me confidentially.

Until Next Time...

Click below to listen to me say some stuff:

Morgue Memoirs, Maybe? First Recording.

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