Voice Journal: One Week After Lock Down

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Time is not real and you cannot convince me otherwise. That is to say, I meant to have this posted over the weekend but things have been so unreal that my schedule and motivation both collapsed a little. Who else is with me?

In this first audio clip, I gave a little review of what has been going on during this first week of the "Stay Home" order given by Governor Brown (Hint: see the cover photo I took a few days ago...that's how it's going).

Take a listen to my third audio entry here.

This second clip is my first ever stab at a guided ritual that I hope will help you release some of the negative feelings we are all contending with right now, or if you're facing the loss of a loved one, it is designed to assist with the transition as the person is in their last few hours of life. It is based on a ritual by Kateyanne Unullisi (warning, I butcher her last name multiple times, I'm so sorry) from the book she wrote with Donna Belk: "Las Ceremonias Bonitas Home Funeral Ceremonies". You can find the ceremony guide here. I intended to make this open ended so that you can tailor it to whatever you're going through presently. I hope you find this recording helpful.

I would love to hear your feedback* or suggestions for what is helping you out during these tumultuous times. Something else that is really helping me is the app called Plum Village, which is a collection of recorded meditations from Buddhist Monks. Find that in your app store or click the link below!

Love and Temperance,


*Bear in mind I'm recording this on my phone sitting at my desk with minimal sound editing (thanks to my general editor/partner @eyeamadracula and to my lovely friend Isaac, for some help! I know nothing of sound). One day I'll have better tools. :)

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