What I Do

Listening, Learning, Loving, and Guiding

As a death care worker, I want my clients to approach death with a calmer and more informed outlook. I support this by offering a safe space to discuss where you are in your present life, and where you are headed in the future. I hold space for you to discuss your hopes and your concerns, and how to talk to your loved ones about your wishes. It’s okay if you don’t know where to start. We will determine that together.

I am able to offer pre-planning within my specific funeral home, and on an independent level I can guide you through end-of-life planning such as advanced directives, POLST forms, and where you want your body laid to rest. I can also offer advice on how to use appropriate legal avenues to ensure your end of life wishes are respected. While I am affiliated with a  local funeral home, my prerogative is to inform you of all of your options, and let you choose what feels right.

I can work with your caregivers to make you comfortable in your decisions, and help you find advocacy regarding end-of-life options. We will talk about quality of life, stages and symptoms of dying, and natural after death body care. I can also guide you on financial options and consumer rights when arranging a funeral, environmentally friendly burial and cremation resources, and home funeral options.

We will cover any questions, wants, and fears you have and see where I fit in. Perhaps you just need advice on navigating funeral homes and mortuary law. Maybe you need resources for grief, or want to join a community centered death talk. Maybe you need someone to help you plan end of life ceremonies, home funerals, post-mortem body care, or to be there with you or your loved one during the dying process. Wherever you are at in your journey, I can help.

Finally, I can help honor and tell your life story through legacy work. By listening to you and getting to know you, I help you or your family create a lasting tribute to your life through art, recording sound/video, writing, or whatever creative medium is preferred.

Dying is sacred, and my focus is to honor you as your journey on this Earth comes to a close. 

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