Hello, I'm Morgan.

 I am based in the Seattle area and available for appointments and consulting online only.  I offer home funeral guidance, Washington mortuary law interpretation, and assistance on choosing the right funeral home for you, if any.

In 2018  I decided that I wanted to help people take back power in the way that they die. 


I have explored different avenues throughout my life- I received degrees in Physics and Math in my early 20s. I’ve been a waitress, a teaching assistant, a community theater volunteer and co-producer, a dog walker, an administrative assistant, and a technology repair person.


My unique experiences allow me to approach death with a more encompassing outlook.


I am a licensed funeral director in both Oregon and Washington.  My focus is on providing a practical, organic, and personal approach to those dealing with a death currently or imminently.

Death can become less scary when we face it head on. When we talk about it and prepare for it, we can take important end of life choices back into our own hands.