Providing a Loving and Organic Approach to
Death Conversation

My name is Morgan, and I am a progressive mortician and end of life planner. A year ago I decided that I wanted to help residents of Eugene take back power in the way that they die, in addition to being an information resource and community organizer for death discussion.

I have explored different avenues throughout my life- I received degrees in Physics and Math in my early 20s. I’ve been a waitress, a teaching assistant, a community theater volunteer and co-producer, a dog walker, an administrative assistant, and a technology repair person. My unique experiences allow me to approach death with a more encompassing outlook.


In 2017, I became a funeral director, and it felt like I was answering a calling. I plugged into the natural rhythm of life and death, and in doing so I was able to service my community in a unique and caring way. While I work in the funeral industry and am licensed, I felt the need to extend myself to the community on an individual level and start figuring out how to meet the needs of Eugene in regards to death and emotional well-being. 

I offer a variety of services and training for postmortem care, but what I am truly here to do is listen, and assist. I currently facilitate monthly Death Cafes at Spectrum in Eugene (paused due to COVID-19). The purpose of these meetings is to overcome the taboo about death discussion and curiosity, with the idea that this will let us live healthier, more appreciative lives. 

With the realization that death becomes less scary when we face it head on, talk about it, and prepare for it, my focus in addition to funeral service is on providing a practical, loving, organic, and personal approach to those facing the end of their life and those wanting to explore their feelings around mortality. I work with individuals and families, and we can work as a team to make it happen.


Together we can work to take these choices into Our Own Hands. 

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